One of the worst habits…Procrastination!

The thought: You don’t really have to do anything until it absolutely needs to be done. This makes sure you don’t strive ahead. It doesn’t “need” to be done.  You only do what is needed to survive on the level you are currently at. To do more is unnecessary. Why would you do more than you are required to do?


This is somewhat rooted in defiance. Defiant towards those who try hard and succeed. Showing discontent for such endeavors.  It’s like a “fuck you“ to effort and success.  “See, I’m doing just fine and I don’t even have to try hard!” The only problem with this is, eventually you are left behind.


Other people keep striving and there you are, stuck in the same place you always were because you didn’t make any efforts or attempts to do better or reach higher.


This can apply to reaching higher levels in socioeconomic status as well. People can reach higher places, but they can be stubbornly attached to where they are in life.  It works just like depression where some people can become maladaptively attached to their misery, but it is with regard to where you are socioeconomically (poverty mindset).


How do you escape this? The same way you cure depression. Implement the same strategy for poverty-based thinking…the steps are the same.  If you have had poverty-based thinking that keeps you stuck, fix that and you can attain anything.


It’s all about actions. And it’s not necessarily trauma, but just living in a place of lack for years could be considered chronic trauma.  It is fear-based and chronically having fear is traumatic. But not so traumatic that it can’t be overcome.


Did you learn defiance from taking actions from a parent? And in addition, was there a type of discipline that cultivated fear.


Rather than educating in an understanding and positive way, was it extremely punitive growing up? Many people have experienced this!


Did you learn to criticize those who had more than you, rather than appreciating or respecting it?


This all comes from envy (fear) and a place of feeling small, or not as good. It is a built-in belief of not being as good as, or unworthy, and it can be transferred down from one generation to the next.


Basically, it is the belief that “if I can’t have it then fuck all those who do”. And, “look at me and how cool and defiant I am surviving just fine with such little effort. I don’t need it, I’m just fine where I am”. That is all self-righteous bullshit.


This way of thinking leads to lack of action. Which ultimately becomes procrastination if you have a goal outside of your norm that you wish to attain. It then leads to stagnation.


It becomes part of a person’s core believe and core value system on a subconscious level.  It gets locked in there and weaves its way into any situation where effort may have to be expended.  It can make a person do literally anything aside from that which may help them strive ahead to a better place than they are. It makes a person stuck, possibly forever.


There are two basic cures for this:


Go back and unravel the core beliefs and change them to one of success, abundance, gratitude and all that positive stuff on a subconscious level.


This requires deep work into the subconscious mind.


Or, pay really close attention to when this may present itself in your life. This is mindful awareness.  And even though it may go against every impulse in your body, take the action that might feel uncomfortable or hard and work-work-work at it.


Tell yourself new stories.


Don’t stop stepping, even when you tire.  That fatigue or desire to stop is just another way your mind can trick and trap you into settling for what you already have.  Is that what you want?


Is your comfort and defiant nature really worth losing progress toward success?


Get up and get at it 🙏